Protein foaming agent GreenFroth
- for light weight cellular concrete
- for foamed concrete




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Technology of foam concrete production

The technology of foam concrete production using GreenFroth is very simple.

First all, the 2,5 % water solution mixture is prepared out of the foaming agent that means that on 97,5 litres of water is needed 2,5 litres of the foaming agent. Generally, the mixture is prepared in 1000 litres barrel in the beginning of the day. The foam generator Fomm-PGM automatically takes in the mixture from the barrel and produces foam of 50 gr/l weight.

This foam is fed to the mixer with cement mixture prepared in advance.

The cement mortar is mixing with foam and during this process foam concrete is produced. It is possible to produce foam concrete of different densities Ц from 200 to 1600 kg/cub.m.

For foam concrete production it is possible to use any kind of concrete mixers, including the simplest ones but for far better results and for faster work the mixers with multidirectional screws are recommended for the usage. (e.g. machine for foamed concrete Fomm-Prof)

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The peculiar properties of foam concrete produced on foaming agent GreenFroth:

  1. Foam concrete is remarkable for uniform small porosity. For this reason foam concrete produced on this foaming agent is humidity resistant.
  2. Due to the fact that GreenFroth is protein, that is why the produced foam concrete is of extremely high strength. Moreover because of the reduced consumption of the foaming agent the strength of produced foam concrete is maximum high. (see the articles)
  3. GreenFroth is produced of vegetable protein so that the foam concrete is ecologically friendly.


Light weight cellular concrete, density 500 kg\cub.m.

foamed concrete block

Foamed concrete, after 28 days

humidity resistance of foamed concrete


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