Protein foaming agent GreenFroth
- for light weight cellular concrete
- for foamed concrete




Russian version

The cost of the foaming agent GreenFroth

The cost of the foaming agent is 1.5 EUR per 1 kg.

Package - metal barrels 230 kg.


We guarantee professional, flexible ways of  transportation:

  • Road and rail
  • Air
  • Sea

 Our cargoes are delivered to all continents. We settle down all the customs formalities.


Payment can be done by transferring the amount of money to our account (starting from 30 %).

We work with LC as well.

Stroy-Beton has established a reputation for providing trustful experience, operational reliability and long-term commitment to its customers. Some of ours clients names are published in list of clients.

The flexible system of supplies has been created to make it possible to to dispatch the goods to our customers fastly. It allows our customers to minimize the circulating assets and to decrease the resources on a ware-house.

We are always ready to dispatch our equipment and chemicals to any town in Russia or any place abroad and to show a working plant producing foam concrete in Saint-Petersburg.