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Information of LLC Stroy-Beton

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tel. 007 (812) 331-99-46

Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Laboratornaya str. 12
Working hours : 8.00-18.00
Days-off : Saturday, Sunday

Tel.: 007 (812) 331-99-46
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Address: 195197, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Laboratornaya str. 12


Stroy-Beton Company is the largest manufacturer of the equipment for aerated concrete production in Russia. Today we are at the forefront of new technologies. As our construction department is one of the most innovative we have many breakthroughs.

The technology of foam concrete production is fascinating. We are at the cutting-edge of foam concrete production technology. Everything we do is state-of the-art, using the most advanced techniques available Stroy-Beton company was founded in 1999 and since that time we play a leading role in the sphere of building material production and supply.

With our dynamism, our inventiveness and our ambition we not only constantly increase the range of goods but we have completely adopted European methods of manufacturing especially after applying the laser cutting machine Trumpf in the manufacturing line. Therefore all the details of machinery are cut by the laser machine with superhigh

accuracy firstly and after that they are assembled. As a result all the equipment of our plant is efficient and reliable.

Moreover our plant puts considerable amount of money into the development of new technologies and our customers support.

We have a powerful research and technology base and achieve excellence in any aspect of our activity. Today we are proud to be smart, thriving company.

We achieved:

1.Our equipment:

fully automated plants have been developed

4 generations of the machines for foam concret production have been created, typical moulds for foam concrete have been improved

fully automated vibropresses for the wide range of use starting from paving slabs up to hollow blocks

the range of goods have been widened with augers, concrete mixers

for mixtures with very harsh consistency, bunkers for cement and sand, automatic metering devices

Our plant can fully accomplish any concrete production!

2. Our technology:

Stroy-Beton built up the very first in Russia Internet-based online service for technical support to the specialists in concrete materials and constructions, which receives more than 1000 applications per day :

The books of foam concrete production have been published based on our own scientific innovative researches

We are the publisher of the Popular Betonovedenie (Popular Science of Concretes)a magazine , the second in terms of significance, construction magazine in Russia

The accelerating methods of production of foam concrete have been developed due to them it is possible to carry out disassembling works twice faster

We have been given the certificates of the leading researching laboratories on our foam concrete in the sphere of acoustic insulation, humidity resistance, hygienic certificate,etc.

The Annual International Conference Popular Betovedenie is carried out by our company and supported by Scientific-technical association of Builders of Severo-Zapad.

Our equipment is constantly modernized on our working productions. We suggest the equipment for small-scale up to big business.

Buying our product you receive not only high qualitative tested on many production plants product, training and aid in getting certificate but also further unlimited upgrade.

Our costumers get up-to-date reliable equipment plus advanced technologies in this field.

The quality and manufacturability of our equipment and additives

are confirmed by the fact that our products are in high demand not only in Russia and C.I.S. but also in the whole world. Our equipment is supplied to Europe, Latin America, Pacific region, Australia.

Stroy-Beton is a thoroughly modern plant - a plant which is ready to move forward with confidence.

Stroy-Beton assurance in support!

We were awarded with diploma for qualitative plants of foam concrete production on the greatest exhibition in Russia devoted to building innovations The 13th International Building Week